We promise you’ll experience an exceptional trip, filled with emotions, discoveries, meetings and dreams.

We make you discover the most beautiful beaches, we’ve made footpaths allowing you to admire the region from the top of the bay, and we’ve built relationships with the locals of the region.

Travelling imposes a few rules.

As Omani ambassadors, we take our relationship with the environment, local population and trip participants very seriously, as well as with our guides and collaborators who help with creating unforgettable excursions.

With this in mind, we teach the appropriate attitude to have when meeting the local populace to our clients, and we support the local economy by creating jobs and by buying products from the area.

We also strive to protect the natural state of the places we visit. As such, we make our impact on the environment as small as possible during our travels through these natural habitats.

Our experienced guides make sure that no damage is made to the sites. If need be, we clear the beaches of waste washed up on shore by the currents. That way, we contribute to the safekeeping and improvement of the natural conditions of locations we visit, whilst conserving their authenticity.

Thanks to our understanding of the local population and the characteristics of its culture, environment and social balance, we are able to deliver an unforgettable and authentic discovery of the region to our clients. Within discretion, we develop respectful relations between tourists and locals.