Dubai is an amazing and unique destination. City sprung from nowhere, it was built in a record time around and for tourism and business. Everything is made to allow you to spend a wonderful time with a surprising range of entertainment.

Dubai enjoys a very pleasant climate, with a permanent sun even in the heart of winter. Situated halfway between Europe and Asia, the city is located just under 6:30 hours of Paris.

Shared between the eternal tranquility of the desert and the bustle of the souks, Dubai offers a wide range of attractions, shows, shops, restaurants, quality hotels and discoveries.

The city is ranked amongst the most popular destinations in the world for shopping, just after the United States. From traditional souks offering scented spices to ultra luxurious shopping malls, you will find a range of the most exotic objects and the latest technology here.

Here, you can meet people from all around the world, in a great mix of cultures where everyone speaks English. In an easy-going and secure atmosphere, the city remains very much alive. Throughout the year, Dubai hosts many shows, conferences and exhibitions.

Its success in the Gulf is also due to its famous nightlife. Hotel bars offer a range of sophisticated cocktails in an atmosphere of British or Oriental pubs, accompanied by a piano and music bands. After dinner, “night owls” can still enjoy the nightlife of many nightclubs.

But what strikes primarily in Dubai is its excessiveness, its insolence, and its imaginative architectural achievements. Faced with the feeling of being transported into the future, you’ll be amazed by Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world), or Burj Al Arab, the hotel palace, symbol of the city. You will be admiring of the work invested into the creation of the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, palm-shaped and 5 km long. Everything here is striking, as is the indoor ski slope and its ski lifts. You will be amazed by the amount of confusing and surprising shapes that make up the skyscrapers.

Our trip will combine visiting these Landmarks, starting with the original and traditional Dubai, its wind towers and the port that has preserved its traditions. Then we’ll visit modern Dubai and its excesses.

La ville de Dubai en fin de journée

Dubai towards the end of the day